So Everyone Is In Agreement That Emu's Life Has Gone To Hell, Right?

The cops were just here and I just got $150 ticket for a fucking noise complaint. "Disturbing the peace." Fucking pisses me off that my chicken shit neighbours wouldn't even bang on my door and tell me to keep it down before they fucking called the cops on me.

Does anyone else agree that my life has turned to shit really really fast?

Yeah, Thing 1 dragged this guy over here... we were just having a good time, not even being that loud... fucking cops start banging on my door. "Uh... there's been some complaints." Well seriously, fuck my neighbours up the ass, I've heard far worse in this building than this.

And this dude fucking tears the ticket up. I flipped out on his ass. "Yeah, that's easy for you to do... it's not your fucking name on there." So I'm going down with Thing 1 and we're going to be all like "Look. We were just hanging out with this guy... I've lived in this building for almost a year and a half, not a single complaint about me this whole time... and I've heard way worse in this building, believe me." And, yeah, we'll see what happens. We think because this guy has a record for noise complaints (among other things, I think) and the cops who came here fucking recognized him, that we might be able to get the thing dismissed. I'm fucking pissed off because I'm moving soon and I need a good goddamn reference from my apartment managers if I wanna get a place in the Big City... I'm just PISSED RIGHT OFF. This is not good. This is just not fucking good.

Why the hell couldn't the neighbours knock on my damn door and tell me to keep it down before they called the goddamn cops? I mean, I hate confrontation. I could get some little old lady telling me to be quiet and I fucking would, you know? Because that's the way I am. I know the 9pm to 9am rules in this building and I've fucking obeyed that for almost a year and a half. So I was having a little fun with Thing 1 and this weird guy she picked up at the bus stop... so what? I've heard people fucking run down the hallways here screaming at 2am and as far as I know, no one called the goddamn cops on them.

Seriously $150 goddamn ticket. In my goddamn name. It's my goddamn ass. I'm so goddamn pissed. Fuck. This. Shit.

2007-06-15 at 1:01 a.m.