Would You Stay And Drown In Me?

So... Thing 2 came up to me at work today, right royally pissed off... "Why the hell are you going around saying that you did stuff with my boyfriend?!" It was only a matter of time, right? First of all... I'm not exactly going around telling everyone... I told Angry Girl because she asked me, and that was it. But then, this is funny... Angry Girl told her boyfriend what I said who told Thing 2's boyfriend, who told Thing 2. So Thing 2's reaction was to think I was lying, and rightfully so, I guess. Especially since she ended up hearing all this from her boyfriend and why would he tell her about it if it were true, right?

When this happened, I didn't really go into any detail in here, except to call it "inappropriateness", but all that happened was he felt me up. And I was too drunk/tired/lazy to do anything about it. I could have stopped him, but I didn't. And that part is my fault. But it's also not good to do that kind of things to someone who isn't your girlfriend.

So Thing 2 asked me to come to her place after work so the three of us could discuss it. And I did. THAT WAS, HANDS DOWN, THE MOST AWKWARD HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. But it was good, because Thing 2 had to get a lot of things off her chest about the whole thing and I think she had to hear both sides of the story. He kept flip flopping between "I know I didn't do it" to "I think I didn't do it" to "I don't remember doing it, but maybe I did" but I stuck with my "He probably doesn't remember, but I know what he did and that was it." He was sitting there grinning half the time, and I was dead serious because I knew how upset Thing 2 was and... yeah. I left their place right about the time she starting talking about breaking up with him because of how she couldn't trust him anymore.

If they break up because of this, I'm going to feel so so so bad. I feel bad... I don't know if it would had been better if I just told her myself or what but... I feel bad for not taking it seriously at first, because she's taking it VERY seriously. And I really like Thing 2... she's a sweet girl, and it really sucks that this whole thing is jeopardizing both her relationship with her boyfriend and our friendship.

So I walked home from their place... when I was leaving, Thing 2 lent me her mp3 player to listen to while I waited for the bus, but I would have had to wait pretty much as long as it would have taken for me to just walk home so I did. It was fine... I'm getting so used to walking after dark now. And she has a lot of Finger Eleven on her mp3 player... it was good.

But man. Man man man man man. I don't want them to break up, I don't want to lose her as a friend, I just wish none of this had happened. You see... this is why I typically don't drink or hang out with drunk people or any of that, because bad things happen.

2007-04-03 at 10:53 p.m.