Do I Have To Remind You People That This Is 2006 And An Urban Area?

Earlier today I came up with the great idea of writing an entry that consisted of a bunch of haikus describing the past few days but... oh, I'm not feeling creative enough. Also, haikus are annoying. So... yeah.

When was the last time I wrote? Wednesday? Hmm. Uncharacteristically long absence for me. Well, on Thursday I just flat out didn't feel like writing anything, then on Friday shortly after I got home from work, my parents came to pick me up to spend the weekend with them so... yeah. There's my excuse.

Yeah, my parents decided to pick me up instead of me taking the uber-late bus, which was nice. And, yeah, I had a really good time this weekend. We hit all of the Greater Nutty McShitville high spots: the two malls, the DQ... yep. We did it all.

My mom, because she's crazy, bought me an "Eh" Channel lunch box. Well, at one of the malls they were having a... I don't know what you'd call it. One of those things where people set up tables and sell their shit. And one of the people was selling an "Eh" Channel lunchbox, which I kind of zoomed in on because that's just the way I am. It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen... almost as cool as the "Eh" Channel foam microphone. Anyways, yeah, my mom decided to buy it for me as an early Christmas present. Most useless thing ever, but still cool. It came with a mug, a hat, some temporary tattoos, and some of those cheer sticks or thunder sticks or whatever the hell they're called. Ha. I so did not need this.

My parents recently bought a new TV, which I saw for the first time this weekend. The thing is way too big for their living room. It looks ridiculous. But they're just so happy with the thing. Well, whatever. I gotta admit, it's a nice TV. But how very unnecessary.

So I ended up taking the bus to Cracktown from Nutty McShitville today and, because of the screwed up Sunday transit schedule, had to waste an hour and a half downtown waiting for the next bus home after I got here. I ended up going to Wendy's, which I didn't really want to do but I was dying of boredom, where I got a very boring looking hamburger because of the boil water advisory that was apparently just finally lifted a couple hours ago, they were not serving anything with lettuce. Also they had cans of pop instead of the fountain stuff, for the same reason. Why the hell was that boil water advisory on for so long? It's kind of ridiculous.

So... nice talking to y'all. See you later.

2006-11-19 at 6:29 p.m.